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NOW FEATURING the all new take-down Stealth Bow Bi-Pod. This a great addition to any bow hunter’s tackle.  If you hunt from a ground blind, here's a product you've been needing!


The Stealth Bow Bi-pod is lightweight, compact and mounts directly to your Stealth Stabilizer, folding neatly under the stabilizer when transporting your bow! No matter if it's in the bow case or carrying it in the field. Snap the spring loaded legs down and telescope them out to the desired position and set your bow down! It's that simple! Legs will extend from 9 to 13 inches. No more hauling a clumsy bow holder that wont go into frozen or rock-hard ground! Set your bow down wherever you want it with stability and convenience!

The Stealth Bi-Pod is easy to mount, just one bolt secures it to the stabilizer and only takes about 5 minutes to go on or off!  Measuring nine inches, weighing 12ounces, and made out of cold rolled steel and seamless tubing, the Stealth Bow Bi-Pod  will give you a lifetime of use.
Price & Shipping
$74.95 + $9.95 S&H

2014, Stealth Archery