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Down South Hunting Video Review

Review Date: 03/09/2002
Reviewed By: Mark Timney
Bowsite Rating: 9 out of 10

Pros: Great performance at a very affordable price.  Small package, at 6 inches it works as well as other stabilizers twice this length.
Cons: None.

I finally found the perfect stabilizer for my 32-inch hunting bow. I’d been looking for a small stabilizer that wouldn’t throw off my bow’s balance, yet still have the ability to reduce noise and vibration like a full-size model. I found what I wanted at Stealth Archery.

The Stealth Stabilizer is only 6-inches long, but it acts like it’s much larger. Thanks to a duel-chamber design packed with free-floating dampening material, the stabilizer significantly reduces recoil and cuts back on bow noise. It turned my hunting bow, which was already pretty quiet, into a deadly quiet venison machine.
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Reviewed By: Jon E. Silks

First, we will go over the basics of Stealth's new stabilizer. As mentioned above it measures 8" in length, which is generally a little longer than I like for my hunting bow. It is constructed from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and anodized with a flat black finish. The secret to this stabilizer is found in its dual chamber construction. One side of the chamber is partially filled with a proprietary liquid and the other a proprietary granular mix. The reason for the two chambers is to absorb both high and low frequency vibrations that are produced from your bow and attached accessories. Absorbing these vibrations not only quiets your bow but also reduces any hand shock that might be present.
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